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Source : DANS

Significance of image-charge fields on the write performance of a pole-keeper head

Beusekamp, Martin F. et al. (1985)

This paper presents a method for the computation of the magnetization and magnetic-field distributions of one transition in a perpendicular recording layer. It is used in a thick single-pole head keeper layer configuration to show that image-charge effects are significant and have a geometry- ...

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Source : Erudit

Une approche pour l'approximation du profil en long des réseaux d'assainissement à partir de données incomplètes

Blanpain, O. et al. (1999)

Très souvent, les services techniques ne disposent que du plan du réseau d'assainissement sans le profil en long. Or les cotes radiers sont nécessaires aux simulations hydrauliques effectuées, par exemple, lors des études diagnostic. Pour pallier ce manque, les bureaux d'étude effectuent ...

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Source : Gallica

The modern musick-master or, The universal musician , containing, I. An introduction to singing, after so easy a method, that persons of the meanest capacities may (in a short time) learn to sing (in time) any song that is set to musick. II. Directions for playing on the flute ; with a scale for transposing any piece of musick to the properest keys for that instrument. III. The newest method for learners on the German flute, as improv'd by the greatest masters of the age. IV. Instructions upon the hautboy, in a more familiar method than any extant. V. The art of playing on the violin ; with a new scale shewing how to stop every flat or sharp note, exactly in tune, and where the shifts of the hand should be made. VI. The harpsichord illustrated & improv'd ; wherein is shewn the Italian manner of fingering, with sets of lessons for beginners, & those who are already proficients on that instrument and the organ ; with rules for attaining to play a thorough-bass. In which is included a large collection of airs, and lessons, adapted to the several instruments, extracted from the works of Mr. Handel, Bononcini, Albinoni, and other eminent masters. With a brief history of musick, wherein is related the several changes, additions, and improvements, from its origin to this present time. To which is added, a musical dictionary, explaining such Greek, Latin, Italian, and French words as generally occur in musick. Curiously adorned with cuts representing the manner of performing on every instrument. Fiely engraved on above 320 plates

Prelleur, Peter (1705?-1741). Auteur du texte (1731)

Appartient à l’ensemble documentaire : RISMImp Appartient à l’ensemble documentaire : RISM2 Appartient à l’ensemble documentaire : Chambure1

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Source : DANS

Software Engineering Researchers' Attitudes on Case Studies and Experiments: an Exploratory Survey

Tofan, Dan et al. (2011)

Background: Case studies and experiments are research methods frequently applied in empirical software engineering. Experiments are well-­understood and their value as an empirical method is recognized. On the other hand, there seem to be different opinions on what constitutes a case study, and ...

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Source : ORBi : Univ. Liège

The neural bases of proactive and reactive control processes in healthy aging

Manard, Marine et al. (28 mai 2015)

Background. Research on cognitive control suggests an age-related decline in proactive control abilities (an anticipatory form of control) whereas reactive control (consecutive to conflict detection) seems to remain intact [1]. As proactive and reactive control abilities were associated to specific ...

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Source : DANS

Een voedingsmiddelentabel voor het uitvoeren van trendanalyses in de Zutphen Studie

Streppel MT et al. (15 sept. 2005)

Since laboratory determination of some nutrients was not possible in the past or is inaccurate compared to current determinations, nutritional information in old food composition tables is considered less reliable. It was therefore recommended to use the improved food composition table for the ...

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Source : ICPSR

Current Population Survey, November 2001: Tobacco Use Supplement (TUS), 2001-2002 Wave

United States Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census et al. (10 févr. 2014)

This data collection is comprised of responses from two sets of survey questionnaires, the basic Current Population Survey (CPS) and a survey administered as a supplement to the November 2001 questionnaire on the topic of tobacco use in the United States. The Tobacco Use Supplement (TUS), ...

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Source : Revues.org

A TEI P5 Manuscript Description Adaptation for Cataloguing Digitized Arabic Manuscripts

Soualah, Mohammed Ourabah et al. (22 janv. 2014)

It is incumbent upon libraries holding Arabic manuscripts to provide access to digitized surrogates of their holdings. Users require access both by authority list and by content. Thus, an exhaustive cataloguing method is essential. The TEI P5 Manuscript Description module is a suitable tool for ...

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Source : DANS

A sketch of the vegetation and flora of the Kappel Savanna near Tafelberg, Suriname. I

Kramer, K.U. et al. (1968)

In February and early March, 1961, the senior author spent three weeks on a small savanna in the approximate centre of Suriname, South of Tafelberg, (map 1). He was accompanied by Mr. W. H. A. Hekking. The time was spent in exploring the flora of the savanna and the adjacent forest. As a detailed ...

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Source : HAL

Statistical method to estimate regime-switching Lévy model

Chevallier, Julien et al. (5 août 2014)

The regime-switching Lévy model combines jump-diffusion under the form of a Lévy process, and Markov regime-switching where all parameters de-pend on the value of a continuous time Markov chain. We start by giving general stochastic results. Estimation is performed following a two-step procedure. ...

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