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Source : DANS

Funny as Hell : The Functions of Humour during and after Genocide

Ungor, U.U.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/303475668 et al. (2015)

The history of genocide is replete with various humorous treatments by different actors with distinctive objectives. This type of dark humour treats the topic, which is usually enveloped with solemnity, in a satirical manner. This essay aims to study the functions of humour by comparatively ...

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Source : DANS

Leakage-free rapid quenching technique for yeast metabolomics

Canelas, A.B. et al. (26 juin 2008)

Accurate determination of intracellular metabolite levels requires reliable, reproducible techniques for sampling and sample treatment. Quenching in 60% (v/v) methanol at −40°C is currently the standard method for sub-second arrest of metabolic activity in microbial metabolomics but there have ...

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Source : Gallica

Chorographia Britanniae. Or a Set of Maps of all the Counties in England and Wales: to which are prefix'd the following general Maps, viz. I. An Accurate Chart of the Sea Coast, exhibiting all the Royal Docks, Fortifications, Harbours, Sands &c. II. A Map of England and Wales, as divided into Counties, with the Names of the Cities and County Towns; and the Length, Breadth, and Superficial Content of the Whole, and each County separately. III. A Map of the great Roads from London, to all parts of South Britain; with Tables shewing the distance of each City, and Town upon the Road, from the Metropolis, both in Computed and Measured Miles. IV. A Map of all the Cross Roads, from one great Town to another, with the distances from Town to Town, both by Computation and Measure. With the particular Map of each County, is an Account of all the Cities, Boroughs, Market Towns, Parishes, and Rivers therein: the Number of Members it sends to Parliament, the Market and Fair days, and in those of Oxford and Cambridge, are the Names of all the Colleges, and Halls, in both Universities, with the Dates of their Foundations. To the Whole is added an Alphabetical Index, of all the Cities, Boroughs, & Market Towns, properly distinguish'd from each other, and in what County they are situate / This Collection (conveying a more comprehensive Idea of South Britain than any thing hitherto publish'd) was first Drawn, and compiled into a Pocket Book by Order and for the Use of his late Majesty King George I. By Thomas Badeslade Surveyor and Engineer ; and now neatly Engrav'd by Will: Henry Toms

Badeslade, Thomas (1718-1750). Cartographe et al. (1742)

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Source : DANS

Construction and use of a microfluidic dissection platform for long-term imaging of cellular processes in budding yeast

Huberts, Daphne H E W et al. (juin 2013)

This protocol describes the production and operation of a microfluidic dissection platform for long-term, high-resolution imaging of budding yeast cells. At the core of this platform is an array of micropads that trap yeast cells in a single focal plane. Newly formed daughter cells are subsequently ...

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Source : HAL

Contribution de la morphologie mathématique pour une analyse spatiale de données désagrégées

Liziard, Sophie et al. (déc. 2013)

International audience This paper aims at highlighting spatial aspects of the littoralisation process. Behind the general trend of people and activities concentration on the coast, littoralisation dynamics are spatially differentiated and coastal overload fuels new evolutions. As disaggregated data ...

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Source : Irstea

Identifying cropped areas in small growers agricultural regions using data mining for food security

Vintrou, E. et al. (2014)

The present study aimed at testing the potential of the future mission SENTINEL-2 (European Copernicus program) to map croplands in a region of Madagascar characterized by small size fields and frequent cloud covering. Two approaches were tested and compared : i) a classical remote sensing method ( ...

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Source : DANS

Knelpuntanalyse van milieudruk in relatie tot de provinciale natuurdoelen

Hinsberg A van et al. (30 nov. 2001)

Nature Balance 2000 brings into focus the bottlenecks expected in 2020 in consequence of the environmental stress on nature policy targets as defined by provincial authorities in the Netherlands. Background information for the analyses are presented, along with provisional maps showing nature ...

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Source : DANS

O schodstvach i različijach v upotreblenii ograničitel’nych vremennych sojuzov v sovremennych slavjanskich jazykach

Barentsen, A. et al. (2011)

Similarities and differences in the use of delimiting temporal conjunctions in the modern Slavic languages. Virtually all Slavic languages have "delimiting" temporal conjunctions which display an interesting kind of polysemy. They express temporal relations that in non-Slavic languages usually must ...

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Source : UPV

Non-binary LDPC decoder based on symbol flipping with multiple votes

García Herrero, Francisco Miguel et al. (mai 2014)

In this letter, a new algorithm to decode non-binary LDPC (NB-LDPC) codes is proposed. This algorithm is inspired from very low complexity decoders that have been proposed recently, in which only syndrome computations at the check node update are used, while performing symbol-flipping based update ...

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Source : DANS

Baseline estimates of soil organic carbon by proximal sensing

Viscarra Rossel, R.A. et al. (2016)

For baselining and to assess changes in soil organic carbon (C) we need efficient soil sampling designs and methods for measuring C stocks. Conventional analytical methods are time-consuming, expensive and impractical, particularly for measuring at depth. Here we demonstrate the use of proximal ...

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